Packaging & Delivery

Packaging & Delivery

Aluminum is a highly versatile and widely used metal in various industries, including construction, transportation, packaging, and aerospace. As a result, the demand for aluminum transportation has increased significantly over the years, leading to the development of specialized logistics services.

The Logistics Services For Aluminum Transportation

1) Freight forwarding: This involves the coordination of the entire shipping process, including booking, documentation, customs clearance, and delivery.

2) Cargo handling: This includes loading and unloading of aluminum products from the vessel, ensuring proper stowage and securing of cargo, and handling any special requirements.

3) Warehousing and distribution: This involves the storage and distribution of aluminum products at various locations, including ports, warehouses, and customer sites.

4) Supply chain management: This includes the planning, coordination, and control of the entire supply chain for aluminum transportation, from raw material sourcing to final delivery.

Packaging Schemes for Different Aluminum Materials
Aluminum Sheet Packaging

1) Plastic wrapping: This is a simple and cost-effective method of packaging aluminum sheets. The sheets are wrapped in a plastic film or shrink wrap to protect them from scratches and other damage.

2) Pallets: This is a method of packaging where the aluminum sheets are placed on a pallet and secured with straps or bands. Pallets provide good protection and are easy to handle with forklifts, require additional handling equipment.

Aluminum Strip Packaging

1) Wooden crates: This is a traditional method of packing aluminum coil, where the material is placed in a wooden crate and secured with straps or bands. Wooden crates provide good protection against damage during transportation

2) Steel drums: This is a method of packing aluminum strip where the material is wound around a steel drum and secured with straps or bands. Steel drums provide good protection against damage during transportation and are suitable for long-distance shipping.

Aluminum Coil/Foil Packaging
First of all, the outside of the aluminum foil roll should be wrapped with a layer of strong neutral or weak acidic material, and put in the packing list, the lap is glued firmly with tape. In the end surface pad on the soft liner. To protect the end surface of the aluminum box roll.
Next, add desiccant, wrap the entire roll of plastic sheeting, lap the outer plastic sheeting mouth down and tape firmly, the excess of both ends of the plastic sheeting stuffed pipe core. 
Finally, use size matching rainproof cardboard to wrap the whole aluminum roll and close the two end faces respectively along the circumference direction, and tape the end faces and circumference joints and all gaps firmly. Put the packaged aluminum foil volume on the well frame and fix it with steel belt along the circumference, the belt should be tied firmly. Put a box plate on each end face of the packaged aluminum foil roll.
Obtain Your Packaging and Logistics Solutions
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